Creating a visually appealing website can significantly increase the likelihood of visitors staying longer, exploring your products and services, and ultimately deciding to make a purchase or sign up. If you’re running a Squarespace site and looking to enhance your visuals, introduce eye-catching fonts, and elevate your overall design to attract more visitors, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of ten straightforward adjustments that can transform your site, including some impressive Squarespace animations that will bring your pages to life!

1. Introduce a Call-to-Action Button

Encourage visitors to sign up, make a purchase, or contact you with a prominent call-to-action button. Squarespace makes it easy: just add a button block where needed, customize your text, and direct users to your desired page. Remember, keeping your button text concise (under 25 characters) can drive more conversions.

2. Use an Accordion Block

For pages heavy with content, an accordion block keeps things tidy and scroll-friendly. It’s perfect for detailed FAQs that boost SEO. Simply add an accordion block, then customize its content and appearance to fit your site’s style.

3. Animate Your Background Images

Ditch static backgrounds for dynamic animations. Squarespace offers seven animation options to make your background images more engaging. For an added effect, Brine template users can enable parallax scrolling, creating a captivating depth as the background moves slower than the foreground content.

4. Showcase Social Media Icons

Boost engagement and expand your reach by linking your social media profiles directly on your site. Squarespace allows for easy addition and customization of social icons, whether in your site’s header or on individual pages.

5. Create Animated Background Art

No suitable photos for your background? Opt for animated background art instead. Experiment with different effects and colors available in Squarespace to find the perfect match for your site’s vibe.

6. Implement a Dropdown Menu

Enhance site navigation with a dropdown menu, making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Organize your pages within a folder to create a clean, user-friendly dropdown menu.

7. Refresh Your Fonts

Change the default fonts of your Squarespace theme to better reflect your brand. A simple adjustment in the Site styles menu lets you apply a new font pack across your entire site, ensuring consistency without the hassle of individual page edits.

8. Enable Comments on Your Blog

Foster community and interaction by enabling comments on your blog. Squarespace’s built-in functionality allows for easy management of comments and likes, while keeping spam at bay. Toggle comments on or off globally or for specific posts to suit your needs.

9. Opt for a Transparent Header

For a modern, seamless look, make your site’s header transparent. This style choice integrates the header with your page’s existing colors and imagery, offering a cohesive design aesthetic.

10. Experiment with Squarespace’s Code-Free Customizations

These ten simple, code-free tweaks can make a significant difference in your Squarespace site’s appearance and functionality. Try them out and see the impact for yourself!

By implementing these tips, you can elevate your Squarespace site’s design and user experience, making it more attractive and engaging for your visitors.

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