Whiteboard videos have been a staple in marketing for years, starting with simple hand-drawn illustrations on actual whiteboards. Nowadays, these videos have evolved, incorporating animations to captivate audiences more effectively. Animated whiteboard videos are excellent for explaining products or services, blending animation, characters, and voiceovers against a white backdrop to creatively share ideas and stories.

The rise in popularity of these videos has spurred the development of numerous whiteboard animation software tools. These tools allow brands to create professional-looking whiteboard videos quickly and at a reasonable cost. Video editing software is also a great option for those who prefer to make videos on their own. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular software for creating whiteboard animated videos in 2022. Let’s dive in.

Top Whiteboard Animation Software in 2022

1. Mango Animate: This software transforms complex messages into engaging whiteboard explainer videos. It’s user-friendly, perfect for beginners, and offers a pro version for a one-time fee. Key features include customized templates, a variety of hand animations, and multiple output options. *Pricing*: $39 (one-time payment).

2. VideoScribe: Known for its stunning features, VideoScribe is user-friendly with pre-built templates suitable for both professionals and beginners. Its features include a vast image library, a range of drawing tools, and over 190 royalty-free tracks. *Pricing*: Starts at $20.65/month, with annual and team plans available.

3. Explaindio: Ideal for creating explainer videos without technical skills, Explaindio is versatile for various uses like ads and social media. It offers professional-looking animations, premade voice-overs, and unlimited graphics for paid members. *Pricing*: Monthly plan at $37, annual at $67, and a one-time plan at $497.

4. MySimpleShow: This tool simplifies complex topics, enabling beginners to create professional videos quickly. Features include step-by-step assistance, PowerPoint file upload, and easy file distribution. *Pricing*: Ranges from $5.99/month to $499/month.

5. RenderForest: A versatile tool for both beginners and professionals, RenderForest offers a range of features including graphic design, website building tools, and AI-based video creation. *Pricing*: Free with limited features, paid plans start at $11/month.

6. Animaker: Popular among 9 million users worldwide, Animaker is suitable for everything from 2D drawings to commercial videos. Features include a simple builder, animated character creator, and 4K video quality. *Pricing*: Starts at $10/month.

7. Doodly: Frequently recommended by experts, Doodly offers a drag-and-drop interface for easy video creation. It includes thousands of custom images and various board styles. *Pricing*: Standard plan at $39/month, Enterprise at $69/month.

8. Vyond: With over 12 million users, Vyond allows for character customization and is suitable for various settings. It’s known for its simple interface and royalty-free audio files. *Pricing*: Ranges from $49/month to customized enterprise plans.

9. Camtasia: Ideal for professional use, Camtasia by TechSmith offers a comprehensive layout suitable for all skill levels. It features built-in animations, multiple timelines, and easy transitions. *Pricing*: $270 as a one-time fee, with potential extra costs for upgrades.

10. Biteable: Known for its incredible user interface, Biteable is great for presentations or landing pages. It offers premade templates and built-in elements. *Pricing*: Free download available, paid plans start at $49/month.

11. Easy Sketch Pro: This software allows users to create whiteboard and doodle videos easily. It features HD video creation, a music library, and real-time doodles. *Pricing*: Starts at $37.

12. Moovly: A trusted tool in 2022, Moovly is web-based and offers excellent customer support, templates, and transitions. It’s optimized for easy video creation. *Pricing*: Free sign-up available, paid plans start at $49/month.

Final Thoughts

Whiteboard animated videos are essential for any brand’s video marketing strategy in 2022. They are professional, engaging, and educational. These videos can effectively explain products and services, encouraging customer purchases. All you need is the right software and a production team. Choose from these top 12 software options based on features, pricing, and quality to produce professional videos for marketing or presentations.

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