Uploading and organizing media files on a WordPress site is essential for bloggers, business owners, or experts in any field. A well-organized media library saves time and makes it easier for your audience to find and access information. Therefore, setting up a free, sortable document library in WordPress can significantly streamline your content management.

Neglecting your media library can lead to a cluttered and inefficient website. As a WordPress user, it’s important to explore the best methods for managing your media files. Fortunately, this guide provides researched recommendations to tackle this issue. We introduce a suitable plugin that elevates your WordPress site by guiding you through creating a sortable document library at no cost. Embrace digital organization to save time and effort. Let’s dive into creating your sortable WordPress document library!

The Best WordPress Document Library Plugin

A standout choice for organizing files is the CatFolders Document Gallery plugin. It supports a wide range of file types and offers two viewing layouts—list and grid—with customizable display options. Features include file previews, downloads, uploads, categorization, and access controls. Notably, it allows sorting by file size, title, type, and modification date, enhancing both your and your audience’s ability to locate files quickly. CatFolders is responsive, ensuring your library looks great on any device, providing a seamless experience for your visitors.

Understanding the Benefits of a Sortable Document Library

A sortable document library enhances your site’s user experience by allowing visitors to easily navigate and find documents based on categories like date, type, or subject. This not only saves time but also boosts satisfaction. A responsive library ensures your site functions well across devices, further enhancing the user experience.

How to Create a Free Sortable WordPress Document Library

To create a sortable library with CatFolders Document Gallery, follow these steps:

1. Install and Activate CatFolders Document Gallery: Start by installing CatFolders, then activate the CatFolders Document Gallery plugin, which is free for setting up a sortable library.

2. Sort Documents into Folders: Use CatFolders to organize your media into folders and subfolders, making files easy to find and manage.

3. Creating Your Document Library: In the WordPress dashboard, add a new post or page and use the Gutenberg editor to insert the CatFolders Document Gallery block. Customize your library’s appearance and settings, then publish it to share with your audience.

Alternative Plugins for a Sortable Document Library

FileBird Document Library: Offers a tree-like folder structure for easy file organization and is responsive across devices.
Document Library Lite: Enables easy management and organization of files with a file explorer-like interface and responsive design.
Filr – Secure Document Library: Provides secure file management and customizable library interfaces, with support for WPML and Polylang for multilingual sites.


Creating a sortable document library on your WordPress site helps manage a vast array of media files efficiently, enhancing your site’s functionality and user experience. With plugins like CatFolders Document Gallery, you can achieve a well-organized, accessible, and attractive media library without needing coding skills. Explore these tools to improve your site’s performance and appeal to a broader audience.

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