Being an entrepreneur is tough, especially when it comes to making a pitch deck that captures investors’ interest. The initial aim isn’t to secure millions right away; it’s to get them interested enough to consider a second meeting. Your pitch deck is your ace in the hole. It’s more than just a series of slides; it’s a compelling narrative that captures the imagination of investors and leaves them wanting more.

Even though investment might be slowing down (with a 19% decrease in the first quarter of 2022), it still reached an impressive $143.9 billion across numerous deals, marking the fourth largest quarter on record. So, what makes a pitch deck stand out? What do investors really want to see? We’re here to break it down for you, covering the essentials of a pitch deck and offering tips to make yours shine.

2023 Investor Outlook

“Green is the New Gold” is a significant trend. Investors are looking beyond profits, focusing on how companies are environmentally friendly, treat their employees, and govern themselves, often referred to as ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategies. Charles Bark from HiNounou puts it well: “We seek investors who not only have deep expertise but also a proven track record of emphasizing ESG factors in their portfolio companies.” Highlighting your eco-friendly projects, community contributions, and ethical business practices is crucial.

With the rise of remote work, tech-savviness has never been more critical. Companies must showcase their digital tools, efficiency, and cybersecurity measures. Investors are also on the lookout for startups that:

– Have a clear revenue model.
– Offer something unique with a solid growth strategy.
– Present a well-considered pitch, focusing on the team, market potential, and financials.
– Demonstrate market traction through customer satisfaction and a clear understanding of their target audience.
– Promise a good return on investment.

Pitch Deck Checklist: 8 Key Elements Investors Look For

Now that we know what investors are looking for, how do you show them your company is the right choice? A standout pitch deck presentation that proves your company is a worthy investment is essential. Let’s dive into the steps to create a pitch deck that meets these high standards.

The Problem

Every engaging story needs a bit of drama. Your problem statement introduces this drama, showing the main issue your product or service aims to solve. Be clear, relatable, and focused on the primary problem, and illustrate the consequences of not addressing this issue. This approach shows you understand your customers’ needs and creates a sense of urgency among investors.

The Solution

Immediately after presenting the problem, introduce your solution. Make it clear how your product or service addresses the issue head-on. Avoid getting lost in the details; instead, highlight the aspects of your solution that excite and engage.

Show Off Your Product Features

This is your moment to shine. Detail the unique features of your product and explain why it’s difficult for competitors to replicate. Keep it simple and avoid technical jargon, ensuring you convey passion without overselling.

Market Research

Define your ideal customer and the size of your target market, realistically assessing the portion you can serve. This clarity helps investors understand the market opportunity and your approach to capturing it.

Revenue Roadmap

Outline your revenue and operating models, showing how you plan to turn your vision into a profitable venture. Transparency about your financial projections and the logic behind them is crucial.

Show Traction

Demonstrate that your product or service is gaining momentum with real customers. Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and gathering feedback shows investors you’re serious and understand your market.


Convince investors of your venture’s potential with well-reasoned financial forecasts. It’s not just about the numbers but the story they tell and the assumptions behind them.

A Strong Team

Investors invest in people as much as in ideas. Show that your team is passionate, capable, and ready to overcome challenges. A strong team is often the deciding factor for investors.

In Summary

Your pitch deck is an opportunity to tell your company’s story in a way that’s engaging, unique, and memorable. Stand out by adding personality and creativity, but back it up with data and insights. Tools like AI pitch deck generators can help streamline the process.

Now’s the time to start crafting your pitch deck.

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