Digital calendars are incredibly handy but often not used to their full potential. This usually happens because there are so many options out there, each packed with its own set of powerful features. These might include software integrations, customizable settings, automatic scheduling, and the ability to share calendars with others.

Below, we’ll explore these efficiency-boosting features in more detail to show you how they can make your life easier. By reducing the time spent on scheduling, you’ll have more time for your favorite activities. Here are some straightforward strategies to get more from your digital calendar:

Embrace Software Integration

Integrating your digital calendar with other software, like Thryve, can save you a lot of time. In today’s interconnected world, leveraging these integrations can streamline your schedule significantly. For instance, if you’re using Outlook Calendar, you can integrate it with Microsoft Cortana to schedule appointments using voice commands. Other integrations like ScheduleOnce, Calendar, and QuickBooks can also enhance your scheduling efficiency.

Customize Your Calendar

Just as you adjust your car’s rearview mirror to see better, you should tailor your digital calendar to fit your needs. Customizations can transform your calendar, allowing you to set different color themes, adjust notification settings, and even check the weather. These personal touches can turn your calendar into a powerful tool for success.

Explore Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing your calendar can simplify coordination with others, eliminating the back-and-forth often required to find a suitable meeting time. Whether it’s for large group events or one-on-one meetings, shared calendars can reveal when others are available, making scheduling a breeze. This transparency helps everyone involved, ensuring smoother planning and fewer misunderstandings.


Regardless of the digital calendar you choose, there are always ways to make it work harder for you. By tapping into the vast array of available features, you’ll be on your way to a more organized and efficient schedule.

Remember, the key is to understand the capabilities of your calendar and use them to their fullest. While there’s a wide variety of digital calendars to choose from, the most crucial factor is finding one that helps you manage your time most effectively.

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