Dashboards are incredibly important. They’re a must-have for any web application, organization, or situation where data plays a key role in making decisions. But creating a dashboard from the ground up can be a daunting, expensive task. That’s where dashboard templates, especially those built with Bootstrap, come into play. Let’s explore some of the top Bootstrap admin templates available in 2021.

Many of these dashboards offer both free and premium versions. Starting with a free template is a good way to test if it suits your needs. The premium versions, however, provide additional features, layout options, UI components, widgets, and more.

Top Admin Panel Templates in 2021

Star Admin 2: A modern, Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template that’s easy to customize and comes with a variety of pre-built layouts. The free version is licensed under MIT, meaning you can use it for any project. The premium version includes extra features and lifetime updates.

Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template: Perfect for developers seeking a feature-rich, highly customizable template.

AdminLTE: A well-designed, research-backed dashboard template that’s simple to use.

CoreUI Admin Template: A free, clean, feature-loaded Bootstrap 4 template that’s beginner-friendly and designed to save time.

Berry: Known for its high customizability and developer-friendly design, Berry is based on Bootstrap 5 and comes with a wide range of features and layouts.

Material Dashboard Pro: Inspired by Google’s Material Design, this template offers a unique look and feel, with both free and premium versions available.

SB Admin 2: A mix of material and flat design, this Bootstrap 4 template is easy to customize and comes with a premium version loaded with additional features.

Volt: An open-source Bootstrap 5 template that’s lightweight, customizable, and comes with over 100 components.

Flexy Bootstrap: Offers a clean, minimalistic design with a dark mode option in the premium version.

Flash Able: A comprehensive, feature-rich template that’s easy to work with and regularly updated.

These templates have been widely used by developers worldwide. Choosing the right one is crucial for your project. Most free templates come with an MIT license, offering flexibility for your projects. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect dashboard template for your needs!

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