If you’re keen on understanding your website visitors better, using cookies is the simplest method to gather their information. However, privacy regulations worldwide now require websites to obtain a user’s consent before placing any cookies on their device. Additionally, you must clearly outline your cookie policy, informing visitors about your use of cookies via a notification bar. Wondering how to set this up? This is where WordPress cookie consent plugins come into play. They ensure your website adheres to various cookie laws. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 WordPress cookie consent plugins for this year, making it easy for you to create a cookie notice on your site.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that websites send to a visitor’s computer or mobile device through the browser. The file is then sent back to the website unchanged. Cookies track identifiable information, allowing the website to remember certain details about specific visitors.

What is the EU Cookie Law, and why is it important?

The EU ePrivacy Directive, commonly known as the EU Cookie Law, is a regulation that protects the data privacy of EU residents. Enacted on May 26, 2012, it requires websites interacting with EU citizens to obtain their consent before using cookies.

Top WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins of the Year

1. WP Cookie Consent

This tool helps your site comply with EU GDPR and CCPA regulations by creating a customizable cookie notice bar. Features include geo-targeting and manual cookie detail editing.
Price: $39

2. Cookie Notice for GDPR

A straightforward plugin that offers manual settings for cookie duration and message positioning. It’s free and suitable for both commercial and personal use.
Price: Free

3. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner

An advanced option offering extensive customization, including theme style inheritance and multilingual support.
Price: Free

4. Lucky WP Cookie Notice

A user-friendly plugin with features like cookie duration settings and support for caching plugins. It includes both “Accept” and “Reject” options.
Price: Free

5. GDPR Cookie Consent

An elegant solution for EU GDPR compliance, featuring an “Accept” or “Reject” option, shortcodes, and a cookie policy generator.
Price: $49

6. GDPR Cookie Compliance

Flexible and simple, this plugin supports multiple languages and comes with unique layouts. It’s available in free and pro versions.
Price: $49

7. EU Cookie Law for GDPR/CCPA

A lightweight plugin offering customization and compatibility with various services.
Price: Free

8. Cookie Consent

Popular on the Envato market, this plugin allows for full customization and is compatible with any WordPress theme.
Price: $10

9. Cookiebot

Offers customizable, responsive cookie banners and supports 45 languages. Available in free and premium versions.
Price: $21

10. Italy Cookie Choices

Simple and fully customizable, this plugin is designed to comply with various cookie laws and supports multiple display options.
Price: Free


Choosing the right WordPress cookie consent plugin can quickly make your site compliant with privacy laws. These plugins are user-friendly and come with comprehensive documentation, eliminating the need for technical assistance. Simply install, activate, and configure your chosen plugin to get started.

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