Do your employees need to gather data in places without internet access or handle a steady stream of customer feedback? Traditional paper forms can make these tasks challenging. However, the mobile apps we’re about to introduce can significantly streamline your data collection and customer response processes.

These apps are perfect for various tasks, such as lead generation, customer feedback collection, or field inspections. They enable you to collect data accurately and efficiently, anytime and anywhere, boosting your company’s productivity and performance.

Let’s explore some noteworthy mobile form apps:

Jotform Mobile Forms: This app simplifies data collection with features like geolocation, voice recording, photo capture, and e-signatures. It’s great for team collaboration, offering form assignment and customized notifications. Plus, its kiosk mode and offline functionality ensure continuous data collection, even without an internet connection. And it’s free!

Brew Survey: Known for its user-friendly surveys and unlimited response collection, Brew Survey offers offline data collection and customizable designs. Its standout feature is the cost-effective plan at just $10 per month.

Survey Sparrow: This app excels in integrations, enhancing survey capabilities and customer experience. Though form creation is browser-based, the mobile app allows for data collection with a visually appealing and personalized approach. It’s currently available for Android users.

Tabsurvey: Offering advanced features like live reports and role-based survey access, Tabsurvey is particularly useful for iPad users, with remote device management and offline functionality.

Netigate: This tool aids in analyzing survey data, offering a user-friendly interface and advanced features. It’s ideal for businesses seeking to understand and leverage customer feedback for growth.

QuestionPro: With comprehensive features including offline data collection and kiosk mode, QuestionPro is versatile for various data collection needs. It offers robust integrations and various subscription plans.

Survey2Connect: This app provides detailed data analysis and customer feedback tools, helping you turn insights into action. It’s known for its responsive design and analytical capabilities.

GoFormz: Aiming to eliminate paper forms, GoFormz offers a digital solution with features like geolocation and cloud storage. It supports form creation from templates or existing paper forms.

NestForms: Ideal for environmental surveys, NestForms supports offline data collection and GPS functionality, available on both Android and iOS.

inBook: Focusing on customer feedback, inBook offers simple survey creation and offline response collection, with a straightforward pricing model.

Feed2Go: An iPad-exclusive app, Feed2Go simplifies survey creation and analysis, featuring a user-friendly interface and kiosk mode.

Indition: Catering to e-commerce professionals, Indition allows for versatile data collection at events, available for iOS users.

FormTab: Specializing in data security, FormTab offers cloud storage for form submissions and practical features for fieldwork.

These apps can transform your data collection efforts, making the process more efficient and effective. If you have suggestions for other apps to include or want to delve deeper into survey software, check out additional resources like the article on the best survey software by

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