Today, we’re all caught up in the fast pace of life, struggling to keep up and often finding it hard to focus. This constant hustle can lead to stress and disorganization. Interestingly, our best ideas often pop up unexpectedly, and usually at inconvenient times. In the past, jotting these thoughts down in a notebook or on a scrap of paper was the go-to solution. However, in our digital age, smartphones and computers are usually within arm’s reach, offering a more organized way to capture and arrange our thoughts. One standout app for this purpose is Notion. This guide will show you how to leverage Notion templates to streamline your workflow.

Adding Your Own Notion Templates on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

To personalize your Notion experience with custom templates on your computer, simply:

1. Add a special button by clicking the corresponding icon.
2. Rename the button as you see fit.
3. Incorporate any elements you want in your template, like text, checkboxes, and headers, for a more tailored use.

Voila! You’ve enriched your Notion account with custom templates, ready for a variety of personal applications such as note-taking, to-do lists, personal diaries, habit tracking, and more.

Creating New Templates in Notion on iPhone or Android:

While Notion is a breeze to use on mobile devices, creating custom templates directly from your phone or tablet isn’t possible yet. But don’t worry, there’s a plethora of high-quality, free templates available for use, covering everything from meeting reminders and reading lists to daily schedules and to-do lists.

Editing Your Template Button in Notion:

Editing your template button is straightforward:

1. Click the gear icon.
2. Adjust the settings to add or remove elements.
3. Save your changes, and they’ll be applied to your templates.

Exploring More with Template Buttons:

Template buttons are versatile, allowing use across multiple pages or even deletion if no longer needed. To access more functions:

– Hover over the button and click the gear icon.
– Open comments or copy links to the button for use elsewhere in your template.
– Delete the button if it’s no longer necessary.

Generating Nested Content Templates:

For content that repeats within your templates, like text or images:

1. Design your content.
2. Move it to a list or directly onto the page.
3. Create a template button and add your content to it.
4. Save your changes for a template that simplifies your workflow.

Creating Weekly Agendas with Notion Templates:

Notion makes it easy to organize your week:

1. Start a new page.
2. Create and customize your template.
3. Use the “Start a New Day” button to fill in daily details.

This approach helps streamline your days, ensuring you have time for what matters most.

Top 5 Notion Templates:

For those seeking ready-made solutions, here are the top 5 Notion templates from MasterBundles:

1. Minimalist Weekly Planner
2. Meal Planner + Groceries List Generator
3. Weekly Planner
4. Reader’s Template
5. Weight Tracker

These templates cater to a variety of needs, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


Notion stands out as a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts and tasks, whether for personal use or team projects. This guide should help you get started with creating and using templates to make the most of this versatile app.

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